Snake-free writing

I’ve just finished a hefty non-fiction editing project. The book manuscript I was given to look at was a delight to work on. The author is a pioneer in his field (yes, he’s a farmer), knows his subject, and cares deeply about what he does. It’s a good read, so my edit could be light-touch. […]

Gardening unplugged

Read my blog post for Guardian Gardening about how a slower, quieter approach to doing the garden is working for me.

That new book moment

You spend forever working on a book, especially a walking guide. There’s so much to get right.The text and maps have to be spot on. If not, there’s a chance somebody, somewhere, will go over a cliff (with your book in their pocket, or backpack).So, the process of research, writing and, finally, editing takes your […]

Natural health service

I’ve recently put the finishing touches to a new walking guide to my home county, Pembrokeshire. It will be published next year as my second in a series for award-winning Pocket Mountains. The experience of spending a year walking, and photographing, landscapes that I’ve known for a lifetime was quite something. adhd. It involved some […]

Guardian guest blog: Ash dieback

It was good to get so much insighful reader feedback on my post. It makes the writing process feel much more like a conversation, than how it happens in print. Join the ‘party’ here.  

My new blog

When you write a book there is only so much that you can get in. There are word counts and deadlines to be respected, so the time comes when you have to say that’s that – and send it on it’s way. Ever since I finished up on Wilder Wales there have been things that […]

Ghost in the machine

“You’re putting words into my mouth…” Yes, but in a good way. Over the years I’ve done a little bit of ghostwriting here and there, and always enjoy the process. I’ve been wearing the sheet with the eye holes this week. For a while I’ve been working with the talented publications people at The Woodland […]

Getting noticed

It’s great to get some recogition from people in the know. So, thanks to the judges of the 2015 Outdoor Writers & Photographers Guild Awards for Excellence, for giving Wilder Wales a ‘highly commended’ in the Outdoor Book category. And fingers crossed for The Great Outdoors Awards 2015 – TGO readers have shortlisted Wilder Wales […]

Top level

I spent a fascinating day recently up on the roof with master craftsman Alan Jones learning just a little about the Welsh thatching tradition. Yes, Welsh thatching – it turns out that slate is a new fangled Victorian fad and that way back when it was straw thatch that kept the rain out. Read the […]

New 'Quality'

One of the best things about editing ‘Quality Wales’ for Visit Wales is the fascinating, inspiring people we get to talk to when we’re putting it together. For the latest edition that includes the very talented Will Holland at Coast, Welsh food evangelists Dai ‘Chef’ Davies and Eira Roche at Bodnant Welsh Food Centre and […]